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The Newbie Question: Should I Be Using Beard Products?


The Newbie Question: Should I Be Using Beard Products?


Beards are beautiful, some may call them trendy, but those who won't go without one consider it a lifestyle.  If you started growing a beard or are considering it, this read is for you!

First, congratulations! You are on your way to being part of an elite club of bearded brethren!  When we started putting together our products and spreading the word, a few similar questions kept popping up from our newbie or aspiring bearded friends! “Should I be using a product yet?” “What do you recommend for a short beard like mine?” “When will I be ready to use some of that great smelling stuff?” While opinions on this subject may differ, we offer the following approach because we know it works.


When to Start:

A beard, by any other name, is body hair that just happens to grow on your face and neck. Just like any other body hair, skin oil and dirt will need to be routinely cleansed and moisturized to maintain good hygiene and skin health. This is true whether in the stubble stage or you maintain a short scruffy look.  We lost count of the number of times we’ve heard newbies or weekend worriers say, “I am getting to that stage where it’s starting to itch.” This is a direct result of dryness and is one of the biggest reasons guys just end up shaving it all off.   Your journey starts the day you decide not to shave. This is the foundation for a healthy, shiny beard that will be the envy of your those in its presence.  

Products – Uses and Recommendations:

The products you use will vary depending on your stage and aspirations.  There really isn’t a one size fits all, but there are key fundamental principles you should follow.

  1. Keep your skin and beard moist and clean - You heard us discuss the importance of starting early with a cleansing and moisturizing routine. It is also important to note, that not all products are not created equal. Facial hair and skin are different than let’s say scalp and head hair. It is for this reason you should seek cleansers and conditioners that are specifically formulated for the task.  A good beard wash will help break away access oils and dirt while being nourishing and gentle to your face. Couple this with a beard conditioner to moisturize and soften as needed. Doing this regularly is the first step in a responsible beard routine.
  2. Nourish and Tame – You can start considering oils and balms as soon as you have facial hair. The approach we most often see work best is starting with a hybrid product like a beard cream.
    • Beard Cream is a blend of oil and balm. This is especially recommended when you are just starting out as the oil will help keep your skin moist, while the hold will help you train and tame.
    • Beard Oil moisturizes and promotes healthy beard growth. There really is no wrong time to start, the only rule we will offer is to ensure the oil is applied in proportion to hair length and you are getting it on your skin and hair equally. While it does not offer any hold, beard oil is essential for soft, healthy skin and hair.
    • Beard Balm contains beeswax which both seals in moisture and gives your beard a nice hold. It can be used in conjunction with an oil routine for a neat, sharp look.
  3. Train the Mane – While this seems obvious, the importance brushing, combing and training is often overlooked. Any mustache aficionado will tell you that this is key in attaining the style you are going for. So how does this apply to beards? We’ve all seen hairstyles come and go and in addition to using product to achieve a look, some effort needs to be made to the direction and style you want the hair follicle to preserve. Beard hair is no different in the sense that it could grow in any direction and is important to start the training early. To do this you will need to brush and comb regularly to your preference.  Brushing not only helps shape, it also stimulates the skin and hair, sheds loose hairs and helps you distribute the products evenly which makes it an essential step even if you are going for the natural look.  While any bristle brush or comb will work, if you intend to look the part you should consider a beard brush and pocket comb for regular use throughout the day.

Growing and maintaining a beard is many things to many people, it starts as soon as you stop shaving with a good foundation and an ongoing regimen that includes cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing and grooming. Now you are on the path to having a Rad Beard that expresses your style, what products will you be trying out? What have you used already?  Anything new you may consider incorporating into your routine? Let us know, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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