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Beard Itch: Causes and Antidote

Beards come in all shapes and sizes and each represents its own type of character, style, and elegance. A beard defines you and your presentation to the world. Whether its lifestyle, trying a new look, or you've stopped shaving for Movember if; you have facial hair you’ve likely discovered that the regal beard has a dark side. What you learned is likely the number one cause of beard murder globally. 

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Maintain Your Beard Line: Beard Grooming Hack

We’ve all been there, we finally got our beard line perfect and its time to clean up some stubble around our cheeks and neck when, whoops, we took off too much on one side! Let us offer you a technique that will make days like this a long-forgotten nightmare! 

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The Newbie Question: Should I Be Using Beard Products?

When we started putting together our products and spreading the word, a few similar questions kept popping up from our newbie or aspiring bearded friends! “Should I be using a product yet?” “What do you recommend for a short beard like mine?” “When will I be ready to use some of that great smelling stuff?” While opinions on this subject may differ, we offer the following approach because we know it works.

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